Natural Stone Cleaning and Maintenance

Proper care of your natural stone countertops and surfaces is essential to keeping them looking beautiful for years to come.

General Maintenance

Marble and granite are easier to maintain then you’d expect. Warm soapy water and a soft cloth will clean and shine on both surfaces. You can also clean with a stone specific cleaner formulated to be gentle and effective on stone surfaces.

Never use abrasive cleansers, “soft scrub” products, or harsh/acidic chemicals on any stone as these can scratch or dull the polished finish. This includes substances like ammonia or many common liquid cleaners such as Windex. Also note, too much cleaner or soap may leave a film and cause streaks.

Sealer is Recommended

After installation, most natural stones will benefit from being sealed with an appropriate penetrating sealing product. This will minimize any absorption of liquids that might stain the material. However, even when sealed, some natural stones are susceptible to staining if left in contact with a substance for an extended period of time. Therefore, all spills should be wiped up as soon as possible. Engineered stone/quartz surfaces are non-porous so you do not have to apply sealer to prevent absorption.

Marble & Limestones

Marble isn’t quite as worry-free as granite and needs extra care. Polished marble, limestone and travertine can be damaged by acidic substances such as vinegar, citrus drinks, nail polish remover and sodas. These acids can dull a polished surface or roughen a honed finish if not wiped up promptly. Coasters should be placed under beverages to avoid staining and glass rings from occurring. With proper care, marble’s beauty will last forever.

Stone Care Products

We offer a full range of stone care products. Please ask a sales associate for more information on which products will work best for you.

Dry-Treat™ develops world leading impregnating sealers & enhancers for natural stone, bricks, pavers, tiles, engineering concrete & grout and Hanafinn™ safe, environmentally responsible specialty cleaners.

Laticrete StoneTech® Professional stone, tile and masonry care products are innovative, easy-to-use solutions to protect and preserve stone against the damaging effects of everyday living. With a complete line of products to protect, clean and transform stone surfaces, we help ensure the beauty of natural stone and tile countertops, floors, walls and other installations for generations to come.

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